Friday, November 12, 2010

May the Force Be With You!!!!!

I am at this exact moment enjoying one of these:

Does this look like "Q" or what? I mean, no horns but he has the RED SHOES...and he can be kinda NASTY!!!

Your new line Q,

 "Hi, I'm you need a NASTY HABIT?"

So, this is my way of saying thanx for the comments Q...I will pick on, comment  link to the rest of the posse (a word that I am now afraid to use for the images it conjures up) when the opportunity presents itself...I was going mention the AB'S and you know who...but that's not a good one to start. I am way too new to take on a Jedi Master.....(not that you aren't a Jedi Master Q, she's just like a black belt Jedi Master....). I have yet to mention Darth, who I won't link to because the force may be too strong.....

And now, on to something completely totals so far this year.

These are totals since I got the Garmin..April 20/2010 (I put in lotsa miles before that but they were never recorded,,,so it never happened?).

Month              Running Km             Cycling Km

April                 91.09 (57 m)             46.93 (29 m)
May                 225.21 (141 m)          zip
June                 178.92 (112 m)          89.01 (56 m)
July                  115.03 (72 m)            330.84 (207 m)
Aug                  158.87 (99 m)            131.18 (82 m)
Sept                 159.8 (100 m)            70 (44 m)
Oct                   122.1 (76)                  44.22 (28 m)

Total                  1051.02 (657 m)        712.18 (445 m)

Pretty scary numbers for me, and something I am pretty proud of (when it comes to this, I earned the right to crow, sweat drop after sweat drop). I hope before the end of the calendar year to hit 900 miles running, a lofty, but I think achievable goal. I am going to look for a pair of these bad boys to aid my quest....(they also have some with spikes for ice...whoooahhhh)

I think that will be it as far as goals go until Christmas time when I can sit and contemplate where I want to go next year. I have one 1/2 Marathon already locked and loaded for 2011 but I want to do a full and see where I am at. Definitely mix in a few duatlons and a few 1/2's and also do some 5's and 10's.

Gotta RUN, time to make supper!!


Quinton J said...

LOL...Love this. Yeah...Even I know better than to take on t he "Black Belt Jedi Master". but that image sho' nuff' does resemble me. And I've got plenty of nasty habits that I'd love to share with all my blog homies in due time. Which half is locked and loaded?

Shawn said...

I don't know man, you decide what's locked and what's loaded...but that is you man are one BAD HABIT dude!!!!

It was an awesome Pale Ale by the way...ooohhhahhhh