Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Feel Good..bah na na na. na. na, na....Like I knew that I would now.....

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day that screamed long run. Plus temperatures and not a breath of wind. So I loaded up this,

stuck a package of these in my pocket and out the door I went

I just ran till I figured I was done for the day. That ended up being 25kms (15m) in about 2:20 (and 10-12 sharkies...ummmmmm). Quite happy with the time as I did a long run Thursday and did not rest much before this distance. Amazed that I had that much energy as I was at Emergency Thursday night, and long into Friday AM with my older son "B" as he split his tongue playing soccer. Looked something like this but he's no old guy, no tattoo's and the split not as startling, gross extreme as this. It was a long wait but 2 stitches (BIG stitches) and a bunch of antibiotics later, we finally got home.

I have been extremely lucky that in all my running (this time around), I have had little or no injury, no blisters, no cramps and no serious concerns. At least nothing that has made me stop running for any length of time.

During my fitness time, I am going to do more long runs to check out various products to ensure I am compatible with them. I can't think of anything worse than trying something new before a competition and having it go boom in my face (or some other place). So a few weeks ago I stocked up at the Running Room with all this stuff;

I have used the Clif Shots and Gu's a couple of times during 1/2's but have to check the flavours  and different types of delivery systems (sounds like germ warfare or something) since I have been told by other runners, some can cause issues while others don't.

So will continue to keep plugging away at the kms (m's) to hit the 900 mile goal as well as keeping a bit better log on what works and what does not.

Have a great week y'all..... And check out the "Give Away' panel....there's some good ones there!!


ShutUpandRun said...

Glad you are injury free, hope it stays that way (it will). Maybe you can teach me a few things.

Sharkies? You'll have to let us know how those are.

Shawn said...

Tried to post knee issues after i dropped 40 or so lbs...who knew. Sharkies are like gummy bears, at least the same consistency. Supposedly 100% intestinal issues if you know what i mean. I hope you get full bore, hard core training again deserve it!!!!

Quinton J said...

fingers crossed you stay fresh and injury free. And it's always better to try out your fuel in training. I copped some vanilla gingerbread GU's from Barefoot Neil. It ried one today (I wasn't even running...just at work lol) and it was flippin yummy. I'm thinking of copping more...cuddling up by the fireplace and eating GU's this winter.