Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Check it Out

I got the Clown Car back today with it's new boots.. Good thing I did it today and just in time apparently as it is supposed to get nasty here this weekend. One of the tires had a nail in it but kept someone looking out for me?

I also added another addition to it (along with the Superman sticky thing on the right hand side)!!!!

Sticker time!!!!!!

Looks pretty awesome if you ask me. And I did some mods and stuck it on the inside so the elements cannot get at it.

Went for an easy run tonight. Getting colder here so I had to break out the tights and the snowtype pants. Touque and mitts completed the ensemble. A little slow with the extra gear and also maybe because I was playing Nibs bowling the Nibs (licorice) up like bowling pins and use a marble as a bowling ball. You get to eat all the Nibs you knock down. I was only suposed to do three times but I almost finished the bag...I was on a ROLL MAN, no pun intended. Do you have a bad habit with food?

Anyways, thanx for the sticker SUAR , great idea and really spruces up the CC.

To all my friends on the other side of the line, have a great Turkey Day tomorrow.


ShutUpandRun said...

Thanks for posting the pic. Putting it on my blog too. It looks snazzy.

You know what they say - too many nibs slows man down.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I've never met ice cream I didn't like.

Raegun said...

I love Nibs. Not just any Nibs....the Super Nibs. Everything tastes better when it's Super, no? We haven't had a hint of snow in Toronto...I'm hoping it holds off until I get the snows on. Have a good one!