Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Etiquite....is it written somewhere? ALL COMMENTS WELCOME!

Hello Blog World.

History: Why I have a blog. When I statrted changing my life, I wanted to track my accomplishments. I therefore decided to purchase a Garmin device to track all my runs/bikes/walks....

With that being said, I jumped on the internet and looked for reviews on 305's. Low and behold, I came across this guys site:   http://www.dcrainmaker.com/    Ray writes the greatest technical stuff going and is also a Triathlete.....and a very interesting read.

Which is part of why I started this blog. Ray's writing made me start looking at other peoples comments and links to their blogs. I had absolutely no idea of how big this sub-culture is (way to keep the blinders on shawn). As I looked further, I discovered some real gems and I continue to do so everyday.

So, here's the questions:
  • Are there unwritten rules of etiquite for blogging?
  • Do you just jump in and post a comment and hope your not labelled a stalker or a nosey ned?
  • Is it worse to be a LURKER or a nosey ned (and I apologize to all the neds in the world right now)?
  • Do you send an private email and introduce yourself?
  • Do you just link blogs to your site without telling the authors and is that the ultimate compliment?
So, take a chance and say hi, post a comment good or bad (I will take bad but not foul!), give me an opinion or some answers as to what you think, don't be a LURKER, and please, don't be offended in the furture if I make a comment on your blog. If I do, it means I enjoy reading it and will continue to do so because you have something to offer all of us. I mean, that's the whole idea isn't it?


Emz said...

I say to each his own but I'd soooooooooo much rather have even a negative comment than a NON-comment. I love knowing what people think. If I am ballsy enough to put "it" out there I deserve whatever may come my way. I'm fine with it. Stalker?! never. well, I may BE one so I may not be a good person to ask. ;) I welcome any and all emails. I link without telling. I figure if they are "true" followers, they'll stop by and see it themselves. ;)


I think different people have different approaches. I lurked for months before I commented on anyone's blog. Now I comment all the time. I link without telling and I "stalk" others ...

I appreciate comments and emails, both good and bad. And I'm not against a having stalker or two.

I love that it is a community that you can participate in as little or as much as you would like.

Shawn said...

EMZ, TMB - Thanx for being candid. I do enjoy both your blogs. Keep up the great posts and i'll try to keep mine interesting...and now I have to really go cause i just seen the header for SUAR's latest post....too funny!!!!

Quinton J said...

I stalk EMZ. I am ballsy enough to put "it" out there. Jus' Sayin'. I also stalk TMB @ Racing with Babes. I've even convinced myself that I'm one of the "Babes" she's racing with.

As for “Blog Etiquite” in the comment sections? HA!

Check the comment section of one of my recent posts:


Here you will see some the “Blog-Worlds Finest” talking in language that will make you blush and sanitize your computer monitor.

I think you will find that you are able to “read” the bloggers that you follow once you get to “know” them and that largely dictates the tone of the comments you’d leave. i.e. Those same cats slummin’ it over at “Q on the Move” have much sweeter dispositions in the comment sections of many other blogs.

Shawn said...

Hey Q...glad you dropped by. The Still Kickin It comments were not too "hard" to handle. At least i now know about blog etiquite...or lack thereof....as my buddied used to say..."keep it up" hahahaha

ShutUpandRun said...

There are no rules in my little blog world. Etiquette is over rated and i can't even spell it. I just add people if I like their blog. I figure they will notice, if they care. As for lurking, I'm guilty of it sometimes, but I usually try to leave a smart ass comment of some sort.

Andrew Opala said...

1. only rule - as in life - be nice
you can be tough, honest, just, but be nice.
ask yourself the three questions: is it true? is it kind? is it necessary?

2. comment your ass off! BTW my team of co-posters/commenters are the best in the blog world. When I'm mushy they're mushy back. When I talk about snot rockets or masturbation they are mushy back. Usually the funnier threads are when the comments banter back and forth on a mis-spelled word or an innocuous comment in the post.

3. I send emails to ask a question that is off blog topic usually. Or just to say "nice boobs" or something like that. So it doesn't appear in a blog post. That would be embarrassing.

4. The blogroll is a mysterious form of compliment. Being off it is always worse than being on it.

Quinton J said...

It's true...he does.

And Andrew...If I get one more "nice boobs" e-mail from you...