Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends,Mmm, gonna try with a little help from my friends....(The Beatles)

It was an absolute killer crawling out of bed at 5:45 this morning!

I ran 12.25 kms (7.61 m) after work yesterday, dodging kids on the sidewalk, a car driven by a little old lady who didn’t know that STOP means STOP, and last but not least, at the 10 k point, I tried to dodge a watermain break that gave me an excellent left foot soaker. Add in that I know I am coming down with something and I started to wonder if Murphy’s Law was going to screw up my 900 miles aspiration.

So back to 5:30 this AM.....and I know I have to make a decision....get er done this morning (even though I feel somewhat blah), or wait till tonight (I may be worse blah) or take a chance and go tomorrow (New Years Eve???...blah, blah, blah!!!). I said screw it and out the door I went with a kiss from the BOSS and a “Have a nice jog” comment.

Well, I am happy I went this morning. The pace was no great shakes but I accomplished my aspiration (I don’t like the word GOAL...even thought it is just a word). It may not have looked pretty:

But I put this shirt on with pride today as it was from my first ½ :

And the amazing thing, as soon as I posted my numbers this morning, the accolades started pouring in from the strangest places...amazing:

I would also like to thank some friends of mine that helped out along the way:

So wherever you are at this point in life, or to wherever you want to be in life, know this:

There is no magic pill (except for maybe Viagra and Cialis) in life. Everyday is a new challenge and a new hurdle. That’s just the way it is. I am damn proud of myself for sticking to my fitness regime even though I could have found excuses everyday for getting out of running, biking or even a walk.

I now look forward to 2011. I do not know what it will bring but I know I have a renewed confidence in myself and what I can accomplish if I set my mind to it.

Good Luck to All In 2011 J...shawn

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. ~Arnold H. Glasow

Welcome back folks. I hope your Christmas was as good as mine....full of laughter and love.

I did follow through with my present for myself, 1 hour of running (+ a bit) on Christmas day. I also ran Boxing day and then did a bit of this yesterday:

Kinda look like a rooster in this get up...Foghorn Leghorn maybe? 

Having a chuckle on the hill with a friend of mine....freaking wind froze most of the extremities!!! 

But hey...we had fun. I then proceeded to have a great 13+ km run this morning to inch closer to my 900 miles aspiration (pardon the flipping between kms and miles, I was growing up when this started in Canada but still knew all the statute numbers). I also got in some chores (painting, cleaning and kitchen grouting stuff) and found some time to start making turkey soup. 

I find I am really going above and beyond where I would not go before for cooking. I would never make soup before but now I just go nuts with it?

But the reason for todays typing. I have been reading the January 2011 "Runners World" mag every chance I get ('s in the JOHN...want to learn anything, leave the manual in the JOHN, you will be an expert in 6 months) which is when I get my only quiet time.

The article that has peaked my interest (I know Nell, heard it from a friend who talked to their brother, etc....) is about a guy who wanted to better (re: reclaim his youth) his time in the Chicago marathon. He prepared a bit unorthodox with the Hanson Brothers (who own Hansons Running Shops) who basically trained him with no 20 miler in the prep. The longest prep run for the marathon was 16 miles....the idea being he was being trained to run the last 16 miles of the race as opposed to the entire marathon distance.

Now, I have never run a marathon...a couple of 1/2's but that's it. So I may be talking out my butt (keep your comments clean and above the belt please), but this makes sense to me and will be something I kinda will follow as I set up for my 1st marathon. I have never run with a plan but will try their plan as prep for when it when it happens. I kinda do it now....for example, after skiing yesterday, we went for wings, pizza and beer....and then a few more beers at home later. 

So this mornings 13+ k was done with minimum breakfast, no extra water other than what I shoved down before bed last night and nothing extra along the way...just run till I stop. And for what it is worth, no pain, no major fatigue, many miles at a reasonable pace and I just sucked it up and ran. The only time I take Gu's or Clifshots is during races or when I want to make sure something new agrees with my stomach. I pretty much ran for 1 hr and 15 minutes with no extras at all and I could have gone longer........hmmmmm, how far can I really go with nothing in the tank?

So, not that I'm going to change until I get hit between the eyeballs with a you remember this line?

"You gotta keep your eye on the ball Son......eye on the ball...eyeball son, get it ????",

But what do you think? I mean I will let you all know if I do a face plant but I gotta follow my stubborn , stupid, mostly trusting heart.

So, drop me a comment, would you try this as a training requiem? Just keep it clean...and I leave you with this food for thought;

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.  ~Bruce Feirstein, Tomorrow Never Dies (screenplay)

Friday, December 24, 2010

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" ~William A. Ward

I will run tomorrow......give "myself" a present of 1 hour for "myself". The  rest of the day will be for my family.

Life’s not the breath you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
You just might miss the point
If you don’t slow down the pace
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away

"George Strait"

I so look forward to some moments tomorrow!

May you all be as blessed as I am.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss

I have been waiting days for some type of inspiration, some whisper of an idea for the blog. You know that something that is buzzing in the outer edges of your brain.....just waiting for a breath of oxygen to give it life.

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway.

  ~Mary Kay Ash

I wanted to have a grand finale for the year, an epiphany, a post to end all posts...something the whole blog world would revere and “oooooohhh” and “aahhhhh” about for years to come

“Remember that post SHAWN did in 2010, man....that was something!!!”

And then it was gone....Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Really though... As I ran the other night, I glanced at a reflection of myself in a store window...and it hit me. I am a Runner. What a mind blowing moment....what a rush. I was on autopilot all the way home.

A Runner, wow. Who knew? If you would have told me this is where I would be a year from now last year, I’d have laughed my ass off!

When I  started this blog, it was for me, not for anybody else. I wanted to share my accomplishments with people who understood the effort and discipline it takes to reach a goal. With the exception of one run and any races I have participated in, my running has been done solo. So by starting a blog, I hoped to connect with a unique group of people. People who have it together, people who understand the sacrifice you make and people who have the world by the tail and ain’t letting go! Many of you are that collective voice in the back of my head that pushes me on when AE decides to be a run wrecker. At least I hope that’s you folks yakking up there?

So, to a certain extent, I think I have accomplished that.

I then thought, what has running done for me? Well this picture speaks a few 1000 words or so. I have only done head shots but you can extrapolate those extra pounds any way you want.

Running is teaching me to enjoy my life, to take pleasure in the road travelled. I’m finding out that it’s okay to lower my expectations but not accept any less quality in my day to day living. I am trying to take myself less serious as I have in the past. I am learning to be a little less critical of my own short comings and those of others....and striving to live life on my terms, my way,....with a lot more humour.

My life has been one great big joke,
A dance that's walked,
A song that's spoke,
I laugh so hard I almost choke,
When I think about myself.
~Maya Angelou

And maybe that’s the secret of a happy life, have a laugh at your own expense once in awhile....and just keep Chasing Immortality, 1 Mile at a Time.... 

So to all of you who follow this blog, publicly or privately, I wish you all the best in 2011. May you reach all your milestones and then some.

I leave you with this food for thought:

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

Monday, December 20, 2010

3rd times a Charm

Monday nights run was an adventure to say the least. A beautiful evening, a little crisp but absolutely no wind...perfect. Decided to run the streets instead of the sidewalks so I donned the Saucony's and the dreaded leggings and away we went. Must be the better movement allowed by the leggings cause right away I felt more mobility and went out with a great pace.

You know when you have one of those runs where you just feel better and better the more you go?? While this was one of those...and nothing was going to ruin it.

Not even the truck that tried to run me over:

The driver kept inching out on the sidewalk and I figured they must have seen me from 10 feet as they were looking straight at me!!! Then they tried to inch me into the road!!! I felt like a wide reciever doing the whoop whoop on the monster chasing my tail, did the spin move and escaped with my life:

Once I recovered and found out that I did not crap my pants (tights?), I kept the pace up....that much more committed to staying alive....

My next pit bull that decided to jump at me

...crap my pants scare number 2 (I mean, the 2nd time I got scarededed, not #2 in the pants). Could it get better? You bet, still had the pace going and decided to roll with it.

3/4 of the way thru the run I hit a green light and ran in front of a Dodge Neon. I seen the passenger side had a female worries right. Went across the xwalk and about 3 feet on the other side when I hear the yell "Nice PANTS". I gave that friendly hand wave and can take this 2 ways:

1 -  "Nice PANTS' as in, hey, you look fit and that's not to bad!!!


2 - "Nice PANTS" looooser...what were you thinking dude!!!

Now, since the "BOSS" always tells me how asinine I am...I figure I go with option  "A" and call it a day...yeah, that works for Shawn, that's the ticket....which by the way has me thinking,do need a better handle than just "Shawn"????

I mean, there's "Q", "Big Daddy Diesel", Miss Zippy", 'Raegun", "SUAR", "EMZ",...but maybe there is only 

1 Shawn....because, there can be only 1!!!!!!!

  I mean I guess I never was a nickname guy but I really think it may be cool....but maybe we have to be around a bit more to get a "Handle" like that?

The other thing I have noticed and am curious about with other runners is how much do you notice when you run? One of the things I really notice is smells on my runs. The last  runs have been a combination of snowblower exhaust, fast food (or as I call it "FAT"), Indian Food, dryer vent smell (downey,bounce), steak and all kinds of other things. you sniff when you run and does it control you?....and should I come up with a new handle???????

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hauled my sorry ole butt out of bed at 7:30 (no big deal since the BOSS was off for an extra shift @ 7am), expecting to eat, get groceries and go for a run before the chauffeuring (ie...Dad Cab) started. Oh well.....

Stuffed 1/2 a cantaloupe down, cuppa Colombian coffee and went grocery shopping. They had 1 lonely cashier on so when my $200 bucks worth of groceries pulled up...I did my good deed for the day and let some other dude go ahead of me with his 6 items...he more or less acted like I should have just done that anyways, made me wonder about that choice. But what the hey, I was not looking for someone to blow sunshine up my butt....I was doing my  good deed for the day.

Got home, hid the groceries from the hyenas, had a bagel and got asked to chauffeur son "B" for some almost there to the hill and he discovered he forgot his gloves....then the hill was closed...then I had to get a bday card for a party tonight. By the time we got back home my window for todays run was shrinking......cause I want to nap this big treat!!!

So....I gave myself an hour to run before I dropped off "B" at a different hill and dropped of "A" at an annual party for Christmas decorations. time.

Todays run was a hoot. The streets are wet but not slippery, so I put on the tights (no pics...don't want to scare any readers away), my Sauconys and away I went. I picked some deserted roads to head out on and decided right away...that I felt the need for some speed!!!

I started out fast and figured I would hammer the 1st 2.5 k like it was a duathlon. Them my little cerebral cortex (AE) said, 

AE: Hey dude, lets see what kind PR we can do for a 5k...set a benchmark.

Me: Your on man!!!

So here are the numbers from the run

First 5 k - 23:04 - 4:36 mins/km (7:25 mins/m)
Next 2.52 k - 14:08 - 5:36 mins/km (9:00 mins/m)..catch my breath
Last 4.56 k - 25:16 - 5:32 mins/km (8:54 mins/m)..up it abit

Needless to say, I am very happy with these numbers as most of the runs lately have been about fitness and weight loss. So it was nice too crank up the torque and make sure I could still do it. I have to admit about 3.5 k I figured maybe me and Mr. Keith got too acquainted with each other last night.

So now it is reward time...a brief but beautiful nap before the "Cab" starts up again for pickups....and then I have to make myself pretty for the  bday party tonight.

Have a great week everyone.....That much needed break is just around the corner!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Man O man, what a difference a good nights sleep can do for you!!

The Boss was up early to go to work and I stayed in bed...wheeeee for me as I am usually up within 10 minutes of her being gone. Crawled out around 8:15, had a coffee and a banana......and did some street running in the Spikes. We have had snow around here for a bit now and even though they clean the sidewalks, there is still a layer of slushy crap on them. So, if you are up early enough, it is pretty safe to run the streets...facing traffic of course. So considering that I had other chores today, I hammered out a very respectable 7 miles in my best pace since Dec 2nd. I think the fact that I was not churning up so much slush made a huge difference in the time.

Check out my winter form here (thanx for the posing lessons Adam:
And yes, as gross as it is, that dark stuff on the green is sweat from the run, not from the snow. I DO NOT PERSPIRE folks....I FREAK'IN SWEAT!!!!! I had on a wick T and a long sleeve cotton underneath. Even though the Asics Jacket was on sale, I bought it for the wind resistance and the COLOR.  You would think I would stand out in that but I have had 2 near misses in the last month...both times I was the defensive runner and did not trust the driver. But hey...I have made a few mistakes here and there 2...I just never admit it.

I also had "Ala" photographer son "B" snap the pics.....his comment "Are these going in your Blog?". Yeah I replied...."Your Weird!" he says.

AE:  No presents for that kid this year...what a smartass!!!

Me: Just like the BOSS....well, okay, really, more like me

AE: yeah..just like you, weird

Me: And what, your perfect?

AE: Nah...just more mature

Me: Well your finally making sense...guess your kinda right...decided to take this photo for what's her face wherever she may be these days:

AE: Great plug for Nellie, what about me..and BTW, hope you put the deodorant on today!

Me: Here's your ready for another run tomorrow after grocery shopping buddy!!!!:

AE: I love you MAN, I just LOVE you.

Me: Yeah, Yeah

I would be remiss if I did not send a shout out to Chris at "BQ or Die". No, he not like suicidal or stuff...he justs wants to run in Boston...and that's pretty cool. He gave me a nice "Get er Done " comment on the  blog...and hey, I will definitely take all the cheers I can get. Does that make me needy????

Anyways....I leave you with this...a poem I memorized at the age of 14 from a teacher I had who treated me with a ton of respect (he was with the school for a term and wrote me a note before he left...this was included with it as something for around the fire). Thanx Frank, I have never, ever, forgotten you and the effect you had on my life...all positive. Seems about right for the season. Tread softly folks...Santa is watching:

The liquor was spilled on the bar room floor
And the bar was closed for the night
When out of his hole came a little brown mouse and sat in the pale moonlight,
He lapped up the liquor on the baroom floor and on his haunches he sat
And all around you could hear him YELL
"Bring on the Goddamn Cat!!!"
Well.....The Cat came around about quarter past 4  

(this is 1 of our 2..."EARL"...aka: dumb)

And ate up the little brown mouse
And the moral of the story.........


AE: I kinda like that

Me: Yeah, if your the Cat

AE: Yeah...well....put up or shut up right?

Me: Can't argue that...whatdaya say we go find a cool one

AE: You da man Shawn, you da Man!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Rant - "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"

It has been a long week. I am mentally tired which makes my brain think I am physically tired. I have tried to recollect the last time I just did nothing for a day....nein, nyet, nada absolutely nothing. And I can’t.

Call it seasonal blues, call it holiday overload, and call it down right crazy when you try to cram in an extra 12 hours into an already overloaded 24 hour day. Socializing, being merry, and worrying over presents, “Did I get the right one?”, “Will they be happy?”, “I paid how much for that!!!!?????” and so it goes on and on and on.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a Grinch (and I’m not complaining..I’m just externalizing my feelings, yeah, that’s the ticket!!)....although some may disagree. I love the get togethers, I love seeing people that I have not seen all year and I do enjoy watching the family on Christmas morning. I just dislike the rush, the shopping carnage, the madman I turn into because I feel I don’t have enough time to do all the things I should. I get impatient, irritable and loud when it happens.....albeit; I am learning to tone it down a teensy, weensy bit.

The good thing is that I have been running. I WILL make my 900 miles this year.... probably!!! Winter running, but running. You have to bundle up more, wear different gear and generally have a sense of humour about snow, ice and cold....and Elevens...what you say are Elevens?

Sing after me...”When your eating honey and your nose starts running, well you may think it’s funny but it’s not”

And faster

...”Whenyoureatinghoneyandyournosestartsrunning, wellyoumaythinkitsfunnybutitsss.....SNOTTTTT

I know, juvenile but I really needed that laugh today. RIP Ray. Looking forward to a long run tomorrow AM....will have the Elevens protector up but you never know, there may be some honey eatin’ going on around here!!!

How do you deal with the hubbub, bruhaha of the holidays????

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shake & Bake BABY, Shake & Bake

Todays weather sucked...big much for Elmer Fudd and thongs: (re..the comments section):

 This is what I was greeted with this morning...freezing what did I do...BAKE BABY BAKE

I do a Christmas bread thing..a kinda Italian, Greek loaf type thing..all braided and stuff..I make for friends who have been nice and taunt those who has been naughty (to my enemies, I f*rt in your general direction)....Usually  try to find a dipping oil to put with it,,,ummm, blue cheese and garlic (once again, I f*rt in your general direction) are a few pics of the  momentous occasion...and while I was waiting for the dough to rise..I tossed in a deep dish Apple Crisp for the rest of the clan..that won't last long, trust me on this one (it is now 9:55pm..and 1/2 of the crisp has mysteriously disappeared)...vegetarian free for all:

then it was"rolled and braided"

So there ya go...and all of this while the BOSS slept after a particularly nasty 12 hr I love her ability to be adaptable...and my ability to be as quiet as a church mouse when required!!!!

If you would like the recipe's, shoot me an email at and I will scan the  recipes into a jpg...course, I put my own twist on all the stuff..add extras,miss some stuff (tomato's...yuch!!), lotsa extra Garlic...ummmmmm...great for dipping with balsamic vinegar and olive oil if nothing else is available

Supposed to be running tomorrow night but suspect I will be Christmas shopping instead ...mi vida loca baby..........later eh!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard

I must start by making a qualifying comment.

"I have a great life".

In todays (tonights) blog, I would like to share a little bit about the most precious things in my life, my family:

I have a very supportive "BOSS" (and I call her that with the MOST respect as she is the best part of my life...and we do make joint decisions...I just like to call her boss) who has accepted my new passion with a grain of salt and who has also accepted that this will be permanent. She is front line in the health care system and does make a difference. She looks after people who have just had surgeries, are going to have surgeries, who are in emergency situations, who are tired, sore, cranky, have shitty pukey beds and in some cases dying. She deals with families who are hurting, in pain and she does it all with a professionalism, patience and care that I will never have. She is a very special person and I am blessed to be with her.  It is never boring and for that I am thankful. She is also my best friend and of my life!!!

Our sons..."A" & "B'.

"B" is the 1st. He is a super athlete (pick a sport and he will be a starter) , great with kids and so big hearted. When he was about 4, we were hanging around a mall killing time. I bought him an ice cream and then had him sit with Dad on the bench till he finished it. He finished the ice cream and then much to my surprize, he tapped an older lady (who was sitting on the bench right behind us, she had to be 80 years old) on the shoulder. When she turned to see who tapped her, he gave her a big hug and then kissed her on the cheek. She looked a bit flustered and then said to me, "It's been such a long time since I was kissed by such a handsome young man!". What a proud Dad I was...and still am. He is a wonderful, conscientious, caring young man who has a big heart. He always tries to do the right thing no matter what it costs him. I am so extremely proud to be part of his life.

Exhibit "A" is our 2nd born. We make jokes that if TV watching was a sport, he would be an Olympian. He is, has always been, and I hope will always be a champion for those who need help. He is now on his 3rd time growing his hair for "Angel Hair for Kids", an organization that makes wigs for kids who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments. On his own and by himself, he decided to grow a minimum of 10 inches of hair for a hair donation 3 times. He has been called many  names (take your pick, kids are cruel) and had many slurs thrown at him but he does not let that deter him. He is mentally, one of the  toughest kids I have ever met and yet he has to give his Mom & Dad a hug every morning to start his day off right (man I hope that never ends!!!). I am so grateful and humble to be a Dad to this special human could I not be?

So why I posted this tonight? Well....I am so impressed with the fitness community and how you all support each other through good and bad. In the blog world, it does not matter if your discipline is running, marathon, endurance, 1k, 2k, 5 k, 10 k, Ironman, Tinman, Man vs Horse, Weight loss, this that or the next thing!!! People support people. I almost always see positive comments with the exception of a few jerks...but that's the way the world turns. I kinda feel like Jerry Maguire now....or Sally Field.."You really, really like me!!!!! But it is true...there is some kidding, teasing and of course, correcting grammer AND ALL THE FUN THAT GOES WITH THAT!!! in the blogs I follow. But the underlying message is "We support you and if you make the effort, we will applaud it!!!". And what more support could you ask for than that?

So I am thankful for this group, whether it be at home or in cyberspace. Thank-you for your experiences that have helped me and others move ahead, gain inspiration and perhaps push ourselves farther that we thought we could.

Have a great weekend all and give yourselves a pat on the back...and take the time to appreciate the good things on your does not cost a penny to be happy..I am so blessed....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spike This!!! A quick review on a new pair of SHOES

As you may have read a few posts ago, I picked up a pair of Asics Gel-Arctic WR2’s a while back. I finally got to use them on last nights and tonight’s run:

(High Res pics so click to have a better look if you like!  Blue thing is for removing carbide tips.)
The official write up goes something like this:

This is a winter shoe, designed to beat the elements. Replaceable spikes grab the ice and snow, a water resistant upper helps keep your feet warm and dry, and the GEL® Cushioning System provides lightweight shock attenuation during impact and toe-off.
When  I read a review of this shoe on the web, the author got into the weight of the shoe (who gives a crap cares) and specifically about the difference 3 ounces makes...I mean really. If I weigh 195 lbs...that’s 3120 ounces (correct the math if I’m wrong)...hmmmmm 3/3120 = about 0.1% of my entire body weight. Considering I am floundering, flailing, running in the snow, I don’t think that makes much of a difference. My bigger concern was getting on dry pavement and skittering across it like Bambi on the Ice (remember Bambi?) which I think is what I was trying to avoid in the first place...does that make sense???

Well, happy to say no worries. Initially,  I found I was still running with the anticipation of wiping out but it never materialized. The carbide tips on the shoes just extend beyond the rubber soles...and in fact, when you step, the spikes just grip enough to assist you in not when you put your weight into the entire step, there is lotsa rubber on the if it is just kinda “click” along. Once I realized this, my pace did not improve much but my confidence did.

I found not much difference in the heavier snow other than the fact my feet were toasty warm instead of a bit cool from the mesh sneaks.  The big difference was when I hit some icy wind swept pavement or cement. Stuck like glue baby...awesome, just what I wanted out of this shoe! What made it sweeter was the fact that they are last years model so I got them for ½ price (about $70). Add to the fact that the spikes are removable and I also not have a wet weather runner for the summer if I want.

In the end,  I ended up really enjoying yesterday's run. I enjoyed tonight’s even more as I was a bit more prepared for the grip. Big bonus...after 20 kms, no blisters, rubs or anything on my feet. The only thing I did not enjoy was the wind-chill that made it feel like -15 ° C (5 ° F) but that is just a fact of life living where I live. Considering I grew up where most of the winter was - 40° C (- 40° C), it’s pretty balmy around here.

In other news, I can’t see any future roadblocks (knock on head) to making my 900 miles by Dec I will do my best to exceed my own “aspirations”. I have discovered that running all layered up is a pain in the ass but also a necessity. On my Monday night run, I actually did not have the right gear on (in a rush...duhhhh) and ran with a moisture wick long sleeve and a fleece which offers zero wind resistance. Well, not bad on the outbound run as I was going into the wind but where it was not howling. Unfortunately, the last 10 minutes of the run where directly into the wind (well below 0/32 in the temp dept). So cool that I actually had ice crystals forming on the inside of the fleece on the outside the shirt. For those of you who don’t know, that can be really dangerous as you can unknowingly drop your core temp and really run into So, lesson learned, wear the right gear. Tonight’s run was a wick free shirt, long sleeve cotton, short sleeve cotton and my Asics LIME GREEN mesh breathable windbreaker and lined running pants.

Either way, hope this impromptu review helps somebody. I am glad I bought the sneaks even if they are for a very narrow window of training.

PS...These would probably not work well on the treadmill EMZ.........stay warm all, later eh

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MI Vida Loca

I was listening to a conversation on Sirius radio (channel 60, or 61...Country music) with Pam Tillis the other day about her hit song a few years ago called Mi Vida Crazy Life. I have been whistling that song for the last 5 days while at work, driving the clown car and every where I ran. Then I see someones comment on a blog I follow about their "la vida loca"....freakin' crazy I say...crazy!!!!

Lately I really have had Mi Vida Loca! Tons of driving for the boys activities (lotsa soccer, some horseback riding), temp supervisor at work plus all my regular duties,  Christmas parties or dinners, helping the BOSS get the house ready for Christmas...blah, blah, blah.

So after the latest recycling chores, the lads horseback lesson (English Style) and all the other stuff that encompassed my Sunday, I said to heck with the run I was going to do and decided to sit down and enjoy a couple of these (I always think of Tim Burton and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" when I have these):

or 1 or 2 of these:

I am also ordering 2 big ole Meat Lover Pizza's for tonight as I watch the Clash of the Titans:

So there ya go...time to slow down Mi Vida Loca for at least 1 evening as I know there is going to be more crazyness before El Santa (and the snow) arrives in the coming weeks...and i will make 900 miles for the year!!!

Is your life like Mi Vida Loca?????

Adios amigo's, mantener el Sunny Side Up!!! (That's as good as Google tanslate can do.....)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Know your Audience

The topic of discussion today is about communication. During coffe break, it was mentioned how “clicky” groups of people are....for example: Mustang drivers wave to Mustang drivers, Harley riders acknowledge each other all the time, etc...

I made the comment that most runners acknowledge each other with a wave or a nod but sometimes you do get RUDE runners who either outright ignore you or make an effort to ensure that they do not have to acknowledge you. What gives with that? I always make it a point to say “Hi” or wave....I think we support each other by acknowledging one another....don’t you?

So todays story, Know your Audience:

I used to give blood donations when I was younger. I gave about 6 times but then got tired of passing out ¾ of the time. Not real macho when your trying to be cool, your eyes roll back and you land face first somewhere. But I this particular donation was in a college gymnasium. I was asked to lie down on the gurney and the nurse came and started the procedure. Once I was all hooked up, away she went to steal someone elses blood. Being the “Chatty Cathy” (no offence to any Cathys out there), I looked at the fellow next to me and tried to strike up a conversation...”It only hurts the first time they stick it in you” I said. The gentleman said exactly nothing to me, kept staring straight up at the I did too. My next comment a couple of minutes later was “Wonder how all those stains got on the ceiling?”. Once again, I was ignored. By now my frustration was setting in about being ignored, I mean really, twice I had initiated the conversation and buddy ignored me!!! What’s up with that?

So I figured 2 could play that game, so I ignored him back. Within 10 minutes or so, I had filled the bag, probably had the blood pressure up so it was pumping in there pretty quick. As I was getting un-hooked, I glanced over at buddy to see that the nurse was talking to sign language.

My 1st instinct was to try and find a hole to crawl into and the the 2nd was to see if anyone had been watching the situation unfold.

So lesson learned, know your audience before making a snap decision. And the original you acknowledge other runners?

Have a great weekend all, nailed about 8 miles last night on my terms....MOST AWESOME.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Danger Will Smith, Critical Overload Imminent!!!!!!

Does time ever stand still? Does a tree falling in the forest make a sound? If your talking about somebody behind their back, are you not talking to their face?

I wish I had time to debate all these fine arguments but I am just too damn busy. Busy with work, busy with the boys, busy with Christmas parties, busy with running around in general. I must admit I love the season (which by the way started today for me and the Christmas lights will be on tonight), but it just seems to get crazy for me about this time of year...and now I can add a new activity that was not around last year...RUNNING. I kinda feel like this these days:

I of course am not unhappy with this...but it has added to the workload. I guess the reason this is a topic of discussion is because for the 1st time in a long time, I did not get the most out of yesterdays run. I cut it short and came home because so many thing’s felt wrong and I was pissed off.

I planned on going after work +/- 20 minutes. This gave me time to grocery shop, get home and go. Got home and life showed up and said I had to transport a sons project partner home after supper was finished...momentarily of course, which turned into 45 minutes before driving, 20 minutes drive, then home again to get going. . That in turn caused my food intake for the run to be off and rather than risking cramps or gut issues, I just went. Not to mention it was wet to begin with but it really got worse once I started. It did not help that I knew if I went for my run when I wanted to, I would have been fueled properly,  I would have missed most all of the wet and still could have driven the project partner home by the same time.

I guess I do a lot of planning intake, distances, when I run EXACTLY, etc....So having a day where my plans did not materialize was a pain. I hate it when I can’t plan for life.......

So, I am now over it. I looked at a picture of me from Cuba this past Feb today (yikes!!!)..and regained some perspective on the big picture and realized again, that having one bad run after my consecutive string of good ones is not a big deal. Just means it is time to start a new string of great runs...starting tomorrow as I probably do need a break.

November totals –  212.87 km (132.27 m)

So I spent the rest of tonight playing Dr. Shawn:

…..glue master. Back on track and ready for tomorrows run (properly fuelled and on time of course!!!!)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Go Green Go

Was up for a quick run today after all the chores....but it ended up being a long run of about 16k.  A little cool but nothing we can't handle.

Will be cheering for these guys today (trying to get one on these Rider Loonies is near impossible..and yes, this is legal tender in Canada...what a country!!!):

I was born in Saskatchewan so I bleed green and all sorts of other wierd stuff. 100 years of being a football team (1910-2010), thats pretty amazing no matter what country you are from. I have a big pot of Chili on the go with fresh buns and frosties...but the big choice is which to go with:

                                                             or this 

Both are tasty and will go just right with a big green machine victory....go RIDERS go

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 26, 2010

6 Inches is all it takes!!!!

Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Today is Friday rant day. I love Fridays. I do this on Fridays so I can enjoy my weekends.

I was reading an article this week from a running magazine where the author talked about “Extrinsic” and “Intrinsic” motivation as it related to people who run.

Basically, (from Wikipedia):

Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of the individual. Common extrinsic motivations are rewards like money and grades, coercion and threat of punishment. Competition is in general extrinsic because it encourages the performer to win and beat others, not to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of the activity. A crowd cheering on the individual and trophies are also extrinsic incentives.

Intrinsic motivation refers to motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself, and exists within the individual rather than relying on any external pressure.

I “think”, know the author was trying to point out this: Folks who have Extrinsic motivation may not stick with running as long as the folks who have Intrinsic motivation do....IE: you have to love what your doing to stick with it.

With that being said, I know I started back on my highway because I was motivated to lose weight, look and feel better. I was “driven by interest”, not because I enjoyed torturing, killing, sweating my ass off. As time went on, I started to enjoy the solitude that came with running. I became proud of my accomplishments and strived to do better. Was there some extrinsic motivation? Of course....we do Marathons and all other sorts of competitions because we want to prove something to ourselves and others, human nature. But more now I savor a good run (even a bad run is better than no run) and the internal peace I feel when I am done...mental floss.

Which leads to my rant: I have heard the comment many times, “ It was so easy to put on and so hard to take off”. Let’s clarify took me about 15 years to put on a bunch of weight. I have taken most of that weight off in less than a year. So...with respect to time, was it really easy to put on and hard to take off? It’s your choice as to how you want to look at it.

15 years ago when I finally quit smoking for the umpteenth time (umpteenth = many X many X many), I went through this same process. I had tried for years to quit, using most every incentive in the book. But nothing worked until I actually “MENTALLY” decided to quit. Did it just happen, no! It was hard, a struggle every day for 3 months. Did I use help, yes! The nicotine patch for 3 months to help me over the real hard parts. But the bottom was a “MENTAL” battle.

For me, losing weight was a “MENTAL” issue, not a physical one. I had to play that little game with AE (Alter Ego) every single day. I walked for 2 ½ months before I even thought about running. I hated my treadmill with a passion because it was always there, mocking me! But gradually, as the weight came off, I started to feel better and started taking a few risks...a little jog here, a little run there and everything started to come together. Was it still hard..YES. Was it still a mental battle...YES. Is it still a mental battle....yes, but it’s getting better.

So the whole point of the’s the 6 inches between your ears that will help you sink or swim (exercise or hang about the couch with a bowl of HoHo’s). For most of us, it will be a constant struggle to stay on track. But much like when I quit smoking, my listening and giving into AE happened less and less as I reaped the benefits of staying the course, accepted small gains and looked at the big picture.

AE: Hey, wait a minute...when do I get to speak up

Me: Your done, you had 15 years of yapping

AE: That’s not fair!

Me: Who said anything about fair?

AE : You will listen to me!!!!

Me: I can’t hear you lalalalalalalala

AE: I’m melting, I’m melting,, I’m melting!!!!!!!!

Me: Wonder if I can get in a quick run after work before the 1st Christmas Party of the year?

What’s your mental floss?